Powell River Queen


Official No: 0323841
Place Built: Victoria
Builder: Victoria Machinery Depot
Year Built: 1965
Launch Date: June 16
Year Re-Built: 1979
Vehicle Capacity: 68
Passenger Capacity: 400
Crew: 6-8
Length: 84.96 m
Breadth: 18.65 m
Gross Tons: 1,486
Service Speed: 14 knots
Horsepower: 3,600

The Powell River Queen operates between Campbell River and Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island. Her four z-drive propellers make her incredibly manoeuvrable, which is often evident on the short trip across the often turbulent and fast-flowing waters of Discovery Passage. The PRQ was built in 1965; the first of three "Powell River Class" vessels built during that year for about $1 million each. Built almost identical to her sister ships the Mayne Queen and Bowen Queen , the Powell River Queen underwent a $3 million refit in 1973 to increase overheight capacity and modify the passenger accommodations (Bannerman, 172). In 1979 she underwent another $3 million refit. In that year she joined her sisters in being cut and stretched to increase vehicle capacity from 50 to 70 as well as being re-engined. Currently the Powell River Queen has a slightly smaller vehicle capacity due to a small passenger shelter located on the car deck. The PRQ has served on other routes as well; in the 1980's she operated on Jervis Inlet between Saltery Bay and Earls Cove.


1965 - Powell River Queen is first of 3 ferries built for BC Ferries to operate on newly acquired minor routes on the south coast.
1973 - A $3 million dollar refit expands the ferry's overheight vehicle capacity.
1979 - Another $3 million dollar refit. The ferry is stretched 22 meters, increasing vehicle capacity by 20 cars. The PRQ also receives new engines.
1988 - December 13 - The crew of the Powell River Queen rescues a boater in Jervis Inlet during a wind storm.

Origin of Name

Powell River Queen Named after the city of Powell River, located near the northern end of the Sunshine Coast (north of Vancouver). The city is named after Israel Wood Powell who was British Columbia's Superintendent of Indian Affairs in the 1880's. ("Powell River" - Encyclopedia of British Columbia )

For Further Reading

Bannerman, Gary and Patricia. The Ships of British Columbia . Surrey: Hancock House Publishers, 1985.

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