Ferry Books and Magazines

Ferries in British Columbia

Atkins, Bernard H. ed. Highway on the Sea . Victoria: Beautiful British Columbia, 1980.

Bannerman, Gary and Patricia. The Ships of British Columbia - An Illustrated History of the British Columbia Ferry Corporation . Surrey: Hancock House Publishers, 1985.

Barnard, John L. BC Ferries: Exploring British Columbia's Coastal Waterways - A Complete Pictoral Study of B.C.'s Ferry Fleet . Victoria: John L. Barnard Photographs Ltd., late 80's. Updated edition in mid-90's.

Barr, Capt. James. Ferry Across the Harbour - The story of the North Vancouver Ferries . Vancouver: Mitchell Press Ltd., 1969.

Burnes, J. Rodger. Echoes of the Ferries: A History of the North Vancouver Ferry Service . North Vancouver: 1974?.

Cadieux, H.L., and Garth Griffiths. Dogwood Fleet . Nanaimo: Cadieux and Griffiths Ltd., 1967.

Clapp, Frank. Ministry of Transportation and Highways: Inland and Coastal Ferries. Victoria: Province of British Columbia, 1981. Also 1978 and 1991 editions.

Coastal Ferry Act . Victoria: Queen's Printer for British Columbia, 2003.

Favelle, Peter. The Queens of British Columbia: a dedicated account of the ships in the B.C. Ferry fleet . North Vancouver: Discovery Magazine, 1974.

Grant, Peter. "The Maggie" [Princess Marguerite]. Beautiful British Columbia , Summer 1985: 32-37.

McGill, Bryan. "Lady Rose." Beautiful British Columbia , Winter 1981: 33-45.

Neering, Rosemary, ed. Vancouver to Victoria: Souvenir Guide . Victoria: Beautiful British Columbia, late 90's.

Ommundsen, Peter D. Bowen Island Passenger Ferries: The Sannie Transportation Company, 1921-1956 . Castlegar: Cape West Publishing, 1997.

Rushton, Gerald. Echos of the Whistle: An Illustrated History of the Union Steamship Company . Vancouver: Douglas & McIntyre, 1980.

Rushton, Gerald. Whistle up the Inlet: The Union Steamship Story . Vancouver: J.J. Douglas Ltd., 1974.

Spalding, Andrea and David, and Lawrence Pitt. An Altitude Superguide: BC Ferries and the Canadian West Coast . Canmore: Altitiude Publishing Canada Ltd., 1996

Henry, Tom. The Good Company: an affectionate history of the Union Steamships . Madeira Park: Harbour Publishing, 1994.

Turner, Robert D. The Pacific Princesses . Victoria: Sono Nis Press, 1977.

Turner, Robert D. Those Beautiful Coastal Liners . Victoria: Sono Nis Press, 2001.

Other Ferry Books

Belliveau, J.E., S.D. Cameron, and M. Harrington. Iceboats to Superferries: An Illustrated History of Marine Atlantic . St. John's: Breakwater, 1992.

Kline, M.S. and G.A. Bayless. Ferryboats - A Legend on Puget Sound . Seattle: Bayless Books, 1983.

Pickens, Steven, J. Ferries of Puget Sound . Charleston SC: Arcadia, 2005.

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